ASK, 2017

Soothing the Enemy, Alonzo King’s LInes Ballet

“Stuck’s violent, surprising score for ‘Soothing the Enemy’ – a feast of factory noise, electronically generated brass choirs and disturbing low hums – is of a piece with King’s choreography and its moving dialectic of attraction and repulsion.”

San Francisco Chronicle

Music samples


“Leslie Stuck is known for the soundtracks he made for William Forsythe’s Ballet Frankfurt, Jiri Kylian, or the “Cave” that Jeffrey Shaw and other artists installed at ICC. This album (“Pas”) focuses on Stuck’s collaborations with choreographers, and all pieces included in “Pas” were in fact made for dance performances.

After listening to these fine tunes I feel like seeing some high-quality dance now…"

Tetsuya Ozaki, Real Tokyo


“Pas brings together a collection of six pieces, created over a period of more than ten years. Beginning with his compositions for William Forsythe in the 1980s and continuing with works created for the choreography of Jiri Kylian, David Parsons, and Alonzo King, Leslie Stuck has created a music of interplay–the collaboration between composer and choreographer, the interrelationships of events in timed sequence, and sound in the service of the stages on which the aural, physical, and visual meet.

“The recording’s title neatly encapsulates meaning and form on several levels–from its ordinary reference to a single step in French, to its more specialized reference in the world of dance to both a short, complex dance move and to a brief dance with a small number of dancers.”

Gregory Taylor

Selected Work

Musical collaborator/composer: William Forsythe's Frankfurt Ballet,
In the middle, somewhat elevated (Paris Opera Ballet), and The Loss of Small Detail

Composer, among others, with choreographer William Forsythe: Impressing the Czar

Composer, with choreographer William Forsythe: behind the china dogs, New York City Ballet

Composer, with director Michael Simon: Narrative Landscape, Theater am Turm, Frankfurt

Composer, with choreographer Jirí Kylián: Perfect Conception, Tokyo Ballet

Musical assistant, Pierre Boulez, Philippe Manoury, Tristain Murail, IRCAM, Premiere of ...Explosante-Fixe....

Composer, with choreographer Elizabeth Corbett: Go, Kanagawa Arts Festival, Tanzwochen Wien, improvised computer music controlled by dancer movement

Composer, with computer artitst Jonathan Bachrach: interactive sound environment for conFIGURING the CAVE, with Jeffrey Shaw, Agnes Hegedüs, and Berndt Lintermann, commissioned for the permanent collection of Tokyo's ICC Museum and exhibited at Karlsruhe's ZKM, Denmark's Louisiana Museum, and the ISEA in Paris.  Motion-sensing of humanoid puppet controls real-time generated music and 3D video.

Composer. with choreographer Alonzo King: Soothing the EnemyThe Heart's Natural Inclination, Splash,  Radius of Convergence, Road, and Migration

Composer, with choreographer Alex Ketley: Second Memory, Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, 

Composer, with choreographer Hiroshi Koike: WD4, Pappa Tarahumara, and The Sound of Future SYNC, Tokyo National Opera (NNTT)

Media artist, with choreographer Alex Ketley: Please Love Me, Headlands Center for the Arts, SF Art Festival, Z Space. Performed music, video, and lights.

Composer, with choreographer Charles Moulton: Ball Passing, Gauthier Dance, Stuttgart.

Media artist, with dancer Sonsherée Giles: pressed, SFEMF, Soundwave Festival, Performed music, video, and lights.

Composer and Video Artistwith choreographer Alex Ketley: Swan Lake Recalibrated.