Cycling74 Max/MSP/Jitter Tutorials: Polyphonic Synth

Ever wanted to play multiple notes (voices) of your synthesizer or sampler at the same time? In Max, this is accomplished by using the poly~ object. In this video tutorial, we’ll get you up to speed on how to use poly~, so you can start making your own polyphonic instruments.

openGL Quick Start

Here's everything you need to know to get started using Max's openGL objects to access the power of your graphics card.

Introduction to jit.phys, Part 1

In this in-depth tutorial, you will learn to set up your first Jitter Physics world and work with rigid bodies to create simple motion simulation.

Introduction to jit.phys, Part 2

In our second in-depth Jitter Physics tutorial video you will learn how to access the collisions of a physics world to use elsewhere, use forces to move bodies around, connect bodies and control motion with various constraints, and optimize the simulation timing of the physics world.

Maxology Starter Kit 01

Watch and learn about computer vision (cv.jit) and Maxology's first starter patch, Presence. Presence detects motion through a camera and renders it into a value which can be used for various things.