I've been a Cycling '74 employee since early days. I have created many Max/MSP/Jitter examples, help files, and tutorials. I'm available to teach Max, Jitter, and MSP classes, tutor individual students and create training materials. I also consult or advise on projects. In-person or Skype lessons are $75 per hour. Let me help you up your Max game!

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Learn all about a humble but very useful Max object.


Learn how to do node-based texture processing that auto-compiles to GLSL.

Max Video Tutorials

“Les is a great teacher, and he was very gracious...He’s primarily responsible for any facility that I have in Max. He really got me on the road. He taught me some very good housekeeping habits, which at the time of course I resisted, but they’ve come to serve me greatly as I have continued to make more and more complicated patches.”

- Elise Baldwin, intermedia artist



"Les Stuck is one of my teachers - but he probably doesn't really know it. Every time I speak with him, I find my mind expanded, and he subtly points me in directions I need to go... he has helped many people find their way through the jungles of Media Art.

In this conversation, we cover a lot of ideas about doing media for dancers - one of Les' specialties. In talking about this, we also end up exploring the development process, what works in collaboration with dancers and choreographers, and how to prepare for performance.

A great chat with a quiet but strong artist."

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